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XLARGE - 2010 First Release "Tiger Pack"

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In terms of Chinese zodiac, 2010 is the year of the tiger. To kick start the year of tiger in cool ferocity, X-LARGE's first release of 2010 features the year's mascot jungle cat. The first release consists of a tee and hoodie featuring elements of the tiger-- on the hoodie, incorporation of a yellow/navy tiger camo which is an X-LARGE original revived from its archives; and on the tee, a magnificent pop portrait of a tiger underlined by "X-LARGE Tiger Style" in the archetypal Chinese font as seen on cheap Chinese takeout spots all over the world. The color palette is a simple mix of navy, yellow and grey, giving the items just the right amount of color punch without being overtly colorful and jutting. Celebrate the new year with a fierce spirit and support your cause with matching tees and hoodies-- these will be appropriate for the entire year, and for a whole lifetime if you happen to be born on the year of tiger. via: Warp