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adidas Originals - adidas Augmented Reality Campaign

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While the concept of augmented reality had been mentioned in pop culture for years, more via: gaming and entertainment industry, it has slowly crept into the realms of marketing and established itself as an interactive and intriguing tool (remember earlier this year when BMW's Mini Cooper released augmented reality ads?). At the end of the year, lifestyle and fashion industry picked up the concept, and adidas has created a rather fascinating take on augmented reality, turning your favorite three-stripes into a fun, interactive tool that is not just meant for walking. For the new adidas sneakers, the company has embedded codes in their tongues, which enables wearers to open up an online world via: webcam at adidas website. Instantly, the webcam registers the code and turns your kicks into a cool pop-up book displaying a virtual city which will come to encompass games and enable exploring...with using your sneakers as controllers. The shoes embedded with augmented reality codes will cost around the same as your regular adidas kicks now, and can be expected to roll out in stores starting Feb. 2010. Step aside nunchuck-- who knew kicks would be the next fresh competitor in the gaming industry? via: wired