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BAPE x United Arrows - Mr. BATHING APE | Preview

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Before one can even nurse the hangover from sending off 2009 on New Year's Eve, 2010 is already looking like a wonderful year, especially for BAPE. The new year promises some rather exciting collaborations for BAPE, and as previously reported, one of them is the BAPE Is AMBUSHed collection with Verbal of m-flo's AMBUSH jewelry line; another is the revival of BAPE's girl line, BAPY. With the color-loving crowd and girls taken care of, BAPE hits the grown-up dandies with a new collaboration with Japan's retail giant, United Arrows. United Arrows aims to be the source and foundation of Japanese lifestyle, supplying a wide range of styles of the sartorial-minded Japanese with thoughtfully curated and meticulously produced items. The retail giant works across age groups and categories, and has since its inauguration, established itself as a indispensable taste maker.

For BAPE's upcoming collaboration with UNITED ARROWS, artfully named Mr. BATHING APE and signifying a sense of maturity (also illustrated with the twisty mustache on BAPE logo), the collection vibes with sophistication and class while retaining the fun-loving essence of BAPE. As previewed, Well-fitted somber pin-striped suit complete with vest and white button down is topped off with the BAPE touch in a wide BAPE camo tie, then capped with a matching pin-striped news boy hat to complete the fine-dandy look. By and large, the collection is redolent of the turn-of century gentleman chic (both American and British) with a contemporary urban update without sacrificing what fans of BAPE adore from the brand. Set to release in March 2010, Spring/Summer never quite looked so gorgeously refined yet street ready as Mr. BATHING APE is.   via: Men's Nonno Editor H and NIGO