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Star Wars x adidas Originals | Taipei Campaign Video

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Aside from Singapore, Darth Vader lead his troops further north on his galactic domination campaign trail and landed in Taipei. The adidas Originals x Star Wars Campaign has been spotted in the trendy east district of Taipei, with Stormtroopers marching through the street alleys crammed with well-regarded contemporary labels such as BAPE and Undercover. Other than storming the streets, flipping through street merchandise and generally pointing their laser blasters at innocent passerbys, the Star Wars crew came across graffiti artist Bounce (well, a deliberate arrangement, of course) and coerced him into helping them with their adidas Originals x Star Wars propaganda. As a result, tags of Stormtroopers and Darth Vader popped up over Bounce's own graffiti and subsequently all over town, warning people of the impending and very welcomed collection release. Check out the video created by Bounce and snap shots of the campaign trail through Taipei city.   via: Overdope