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Nike - Spring/Summer 2010 - Aina Chukka

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Via Shoe Master's discerning lenses, Spring/Summer 2010 for Nike is looking like a great variegated collection that sports a good balance of fresh performance kicks intermixed with lifestyle casuals. Among the winning favorites such as ye olde trusty Blazer, Terminators and familiar sorts, woven is shouldering on a significant portion of the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. New styles have been introduced with the summer time favorite weaved texture, and previously we had covered the Nike Lunarlite Woven Chukka which takes the weave into rainbow shades. Departing from blasts of color, the weave is incorporated into a new model, the Aina Chukka.

The new silhouette comes in timely as Chukka and various adaptations of it have been winning hordes of stylish men over this past summer. The Aina Chukka sports a slim silhouette reminiscent of the Blazer, but incorporates other classic footwear shapes to form something entirely new. A suede laces threads through the lower portion of the shoe in style of boat shoes, and is further emphasized with a moccasin toe box; however, the shoe is taken on a sporty twist with a perforated toe box and white vulcanized midsole punctuated by graphic diamond pattern stripes, retaining the Nike essence. The shoes come in two reliable classy colors of tan leather and black suede, are extremely easy to wear yet add a wonderful element of intrigue into a normal button down plus denim outfit. Stay tuned for the new Aina Chukka which is bound to strike some harmonious sneaker chords with sneaker fiends everywhere. via: SM