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Maestro Knows - Season 3 - Episode 3 (Ibn Jasper)

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This episode of Maestro Knows spans halfway across the country as Maestro Knows started out hanging out with Ibn Jasper at Venice Skate Park and then flew to Chi-Town for Jasper's Quentin 5-Panel Fitted Cap launch at Chicago's new retail/art destination, RSVP Gallery. Ibn Jasper (a.k.a F.M. Phenomenal) grew up in Chicago and embarked on his life journey through skateboarding. For Jasper, skateboarding is the platform of which his creative work grew from, and today, Jasper is not only a skater, but has grown to be a creator and taste maker for all. Jasper has a close relationship with Kanye West, and for those who didn't know, here is a tidbit- the Jasper sneaker from Kanye West's collaborative line with Louis Vuitton is named after Ibn Jasper, and, Jasper's 5-panel cap is a reciprocal of that sneaker as its design is based off the Louis Vuitton Jasper. Check out the video from Maestro Knows with both men trekking through the 18 degree weather in Chicago, going to spots such as RSVP Gallery for the cap launch and hanging out at Chicago's version of Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue, Oak Street and Michigan Avenue while Ibn Jasper reminisced his high school days.