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Michael Jackson - This Is It - Directed By Spike Lee | Video

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Earlier this year, before Michael Jackson embarked on his planned summer tour, news of King of Pop's passing stunned the world and devastated countless fans. Following the death of our generation's music icon, a tribute film, "This Is It" named after its eponymous closing track, premiered in theaters for a fleeting duration of two weeks. While Michael Jackson's "This Is It" was released on October 12, director Spike Lee had put his hands on the track and recently released the music video for the track. The music video follows the narrative of a biography and traces Michael Jackson's life from his childhood in Gary, Indiana through the height of his career and eventually, his sad departure. The video puts together footage which showcased multiple sides of Michael Jackson and blends into a beautiful tribute to the late star's life. This may not be the high production cost videos the King of Pop is known for making, but it sums up everything the world loved about the man into a simple video prose. This is it, so take a look, sit back and enjoy. via: 40Acres