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Stussy x Haze - Special Collection

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A legend in his own right, Eric Haze have come a long way since his days of graffiti during the 80's and he has been at the forefront of design and art for over 30 years. His roots firmly grounded on hip hop and other street cultures Haze has also made an impact as a graphic designer creating logos and album covers for hip hop greats such as Beastie Boys or LL Cool J to name a few.

This collaboration with Stussy is fitting as both Shawn Stussy and Eric Haze have paved the way for many of the current brands and that without their existence our current culture may not be what it is today. The following items will be all ready for 2010 Spring release that is head lined by a triple brand Stussy x Haze x Pro Keds sneaker that will come in three distinct colors and sharing the same basic design.

Also included in the collection are staple hoodies, varsity jackets, t-shirts, shirts and trunks that display the trademark Haze designs and colors on quality Stussy cuts. To commemorate the release Stussy Harajuku chapter will hold an exclusive live painting and installations as well as an exhibition in US as well. Keep your eyes open as details will be released soon.