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The Official Michael Jackson Opus Edition Kraken | Colette Exclusive

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As 2009 draws to a close, everyone is starting to put the year on review. Aside from 2009 being the triumphant year for Barack Obama and the economy seeing slow recovery after an expeditious downfall, 2009 also marks the passing of many great personalities, including the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, right before he was about to embark on his tour. A blitz of Michael Jackson tribute items ranging from apparel to new music and film had been released to commemorate the life of one of the greatest entertainers in history. To draw everything to a close, colette has released an exclusive tome, The Official Michael Jackson Opus (Edition Kraken), which is also the only book approved by Michael Jackson developed during his life time. The opus spans a hefty 400 pages, detailing unpublished photographs from Michael Jackson's personal archives, quotes, anecdotes from the industry leaders and   artwork by Nate Giorgio who is a long time collaborator and close friend of the King. The opus is bound beautifully in an opulent black leather and enclosed in a red clam shell case, inspired by colors and aesthetics of the King. It is now available for order online at colette, and a wonderful collector's item for fans of Michael Jackson.