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adidas Skateboarding - Frisco Stand Up | Video

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Greetings from adidas Skateboarding team for 2010 comes in the form of an energetic video of the adidas Skateboarding team (which also includes San Francisco's HUF team riders) ripping through the streets of San Francisco. The video, Frisco Stand Up takes its team of ten (Mark Gonzales, Dennis Nusemitz, Benny Fairfax, Tim O'Connor, Vince Del Valle, Lem Villemin, Dave Bachinsky, Pete Eldridge, Silas Baxter-Neal and Nestor Judkins) down the residential hills to the water, then downtown on the streets and in the skate park, grinding their way through every possible surface, making their mark with fancy flips and some painful falls. Just the first of many great things to come from adidas Skateboarding, enjoy and get inspired to take your skateboard back out on the streets for some good old fashioned bonding.