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Art Production Fund x Yoshimoto Nara - "Works On Whatever" Limited Edition Towel

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At the turn of the century, many artists, including the famed Picasso, created murals to make art accessible for public enjoyment, advocating a change in the social reception and connotations of art. More than a century later, non-profit organization, Art Production Fund continues to work on the same principles, helping artists realize their creative dreams and bringing their work to a larger audience and vice versa. As a part of the organization's effort to raise funds and expand art audiences, Art Production Fund started Works On Whatever, encouraging artists to work with commercial mediums and thus enable all to bring art into their homes. One of the mediums that Art Production Fund artists work with is the beach towel. Just dropped at Opening Ceremony is the collaborative limited edition towel created by Japanese illustrator Yoshimoto Nara. Nara is known for her pensive yet child-like drawings of little girls and dogs which brings an interesting emotional depth to happy subjects. This limited edition towel features Nara's iconic girl portrait, with the girl's eyes closed in bliss. The towel is created in a limited run, so go ahead and order yours at Opening Ceremony to bring something more than Nara's postcards home.