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uniform experiment x Dr. Martens

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Just previewed by Andrew Bunney, Creative Director of Dr. Martens, is a pair of collaborative Dr. Martens boots with uniform experiment. Rather than jumping straight to the classic 8-eye, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Hirofumi Kiyonaga's joing venture, uniform experiment, creates a new model which at first glance, retains the slim leather ankle top of the classic 8-eye, but actually only has 7 eyelets. The new kicks infuses the iconic men's brogue shoes, giving the usually tough Dr. Martens boots a sophisticated dandy twist. The perforated brogue details run all the way from toe to ankle, and is redolent of an elongated brogue shoe. As these boots are hi-tops, the look is slimmer and tighter than the usual brogue shoes, since the decorations visually moves the viewer's line of vision up vertically as well. While nothing is revealed for the release yet, it seems like Dr. Martens will be gaining a new fan following with these boots donning a contemporary classic twist. via: Andrew Bunney