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visvim Subsection Candle No. 7 Kyoto

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It has been more than three years since visvim ventured off footwear and apparel, and into the home space with scented candles created hand in hand with French perfumery, Blaise Mautin. Blaise Mautin is known for creating unique fragrances for individual clients around the world, including signature scents for Park Hyatt Hotels. Just dropped at Honeyee for a little festive, fresh aromatic start to the new year is the 7th scent from visvim's Subsection Candle collection. The Subsection Candle is so named because they are housed in a beaker like glass container complete with calibrations seen on containers in the science laboratory. The 7th fragrance is inspired by morning in Japan's ancient city of Kyoto, and the Blaise Mautin team actually visited Kyoto to personally experience the city and reproduce the city best as possible in form of scents. The team picked up a base of sandalwood, and developed a special blend of fragrance around it which nods to Kyoto's unique history and heritage. Light a candle, and instantly experience Kyoto in the comforts of your own home; traveling has never been easier.