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Skillz - 2009 Rap Up

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Since 2002, Skillz has "rapped up" the year for all of us touching on every issue that is of some importance to us from that year. Now that we're only a day away from 2010, Skillz has released his "09 Rap Up" and he does not disappoint. Read what Skillz had to say about this year's "Rap Up" below. via: okayplayer

Yeah, it's that time. 09 RAp up has fell upon us. To my surprise I still enjoy doing these. Maybe it was because I had more then enough to talk about. People have been on my twitter asking about this song since September!! Maaan, I have no clue why yall be thinking about the rap up that early in the year! Alotta people felt as though the song would be long because of all the happened and all of the losses. I had wrote a list of people that passed away and I had 26. I knew I couldn't put all those people in the song. That was the hardest part, the ones I did put in were personal to me. I went easy on some peeps and some peeps I didn't. But all of it was true, I didn't make none of this sh-t up! Glad yall enjoyed it. And shout out to the people who support me all year long not just now. I appreciate it. Oh and ?love gets the gas face! Later..Infamous Quotes vol. 1 coming soon.

> Download: Skillz - 2009 Rap Up