Star Wars x adidas Originals Samba - X-Wing | Available Now


The adidas Samba is the second-best selling adidas model of all time, right behind the Stan Smith. Although the Samba was originally crafted as an indoor soccer training sneaker, it is more often worn casually. In the adidas Originals collaboration with Star Wars, adidas models have been rethought and given some specific touches that connect with prominent themes from the Star Wars films. The X-Wing provides the inspiration here, as the different tonal gray colors on the upper evoke the color scheme used on the nimble fighter plane used by the Rebellion. The red band above the outsole can be seen on the nose of the sleek plane, and the technical details can be seen throughout the upper as well, much like the Forum AT-AT and Stan Smith Millenium Falcon editions. If you want to get your hands on this classic model, head over to Schuch-You.