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13th Witness - Affirmative Action | Video

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For weeks now, Levi Maestro (the brains behind hit internet series Maestro Knows) has been garnering a lot of attention on the apparel side of things with a newly released MK(13) tee featuring an image of Maestro himself captured by photographer/videographer extraordinaire, 13th Witness. Teaser images and official images have been released, and some have even coped the MK(13) tee already from spots such as Hall of Fame in Los Angeles and Concepts in Boston (released today at 10AM). However, if a picture says a thousand words, a video should by right capture exponentially more. Here is a video from 13th Witness named Affirmative Action, putting Maestro Knows on the other side of the lens, not handling the camera, but tracing Maestro on his UNDFTD board through UNDFTD store and Sin City. Of course, Maestro dons the MK(13) tee and cruises his way through the bright lights of the strip. Check out the video and listen to what both 13th Witness and Maestro has to say about the new year. Enjoy, and remember MK(13) will be dropping this weekend at Standard ATL, complete with a Skype session with Maestro live from Los Angeles.