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13th Witness - Art Of Facts (Ft. FUTURA) | Video

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After a celebrated collaboration with Maestro Knows, 13th Witness returns to profiling with a new video featuring FUTURA (also 13th Witness' father). 13th Witness takes us behind the scenes and observes the master graffiti artist in his working elements, tracing steps through FUTURA's creative process. The famous FUTURA tags which had fast grown into a type and brand of its own comes to life under the discerning lens of 13th Witness, as the handwritten tags spirals organically from marker tips into tangible art forms, and spray cans transforms droplets of ink into FUTURA's signature paint splatters and cosmic, geometric shapes. While many are familiar with seeing FUTURA's work, few actually get to contemplate the working process and appreciate art not just for the end product, but also see it as a realization of more abstract thoughts. Enjoy the video from 13th Witness and hopefully all will get a dose of inspiration to start 2010 the right way.