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Cool Hunting - Nike Flagship Harajuku | Video

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A few months ago, a new installation from Nike befalls the fashion epicenter of Tokyo, Harajuku, in the form of a new Nike flagship store. The sprawling mass of conceived and realized by Japanese interior design firm, Wonderwall, stands smart and tall amidst the harmonious chaos of Harajuku. Cool Hunting met with Masamichi Katayama, founder of Wonderwall, and got the inside scoop to the conceptualization behind Nike's flagship in Harajuku. As Katayama related, he aimed to create a store that will encompass and translate both characteristics of Nike and Harajuku. With such a goal in mind, he went ahead and figured out how to fuse Tokyo's enmeshed culture of fashion and sports, and love for variation, into the Nike Store. Dazzling options as favored by the ever trendy Tokyo inhabitants present themselves in the Nike light through the eyes of Katayama. Check out the video and learn how the project which took an impressive two years and four months to complete came about and evolved into the space it is today. via: Cool Hunting