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Louis Vuitton - Summer 2010 - Sneakers

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Even though Louis Vuitton has been making sneakers for its clients for a while now, the label's sneakers has only recently captured the attention of sneaker fiends since it created a number of more contemporary and urban styles in the past few seasons, with the high-profile collaboration collection with Kanye West putting the label on the map for street-cred ready sneakers. The label's sneakers had evolved from sleek, racing sneaker type low-tops styled in darker, more opulent Louis Vuitton colorways (signature monogram, supple leather with perforated logos), to roomier numbers with bolder colors and silhouettes and subtle branding often seen in sports label sneakers.

Keeping up with its kicks game, Louis Vuitton will be releasing models that are more Jasper from its Kanye West collaboration than the euro-fancy Energie. Two models spotted from the label's Summer 2010 line-up are the Tower and Brooklyn models. The Tower model is redolent of the Jasper with a slightly more theatrically chunky silhouette accented with thicker outsoles and more heavily padded tongue. The sewn on racing stripes on the sides of sneakers also contribute to more casual street style. The Tower comes in three different heights, the low, mid and high top, without any compromising on the Louis Vuitton factor. All models feature subtle monogram embossed calf leather details well-loved in the French luxury label, and monogram flower perforations. In terms of comfort, luxury is key for Louis Vuitton sneakers as the Towers are equipped with removable anatomic insock and shock absorber.

Veering away from the dramatics of the Tower, the Brooklyn puts simple casual back into the Louis Vuitton map with its slip-on canvas sneakers styling as seen in Converse and Keds. The Brooklyn sneaker comes in two versions, an easy-going canvas in navy and red, and a slightly dressier number in the label's signature Damier embossed calf leather. Large metallic eyelets gives the sneakers a more effortless styling than regular-sized eyelets.

This summer, Louis Vuitton puts a little more dedicated craftsmanship into your step without acquiescing on the easy styles you love. Check them out and take a peek at the video of what goes on inside Louis Vuitton's shoe factory that will happily justify coping a pair for your closet.