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Dust Tag v1.0 - Graffiti Analysis iPhone App | Video

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Graffiti artists with iPhones have new reasons to celebrate the beloved Apple gadget -- Graffiti Research Lab has created an iPhone app, Dust Tag v1.0 which enables artists to create, record and render 3D images of their creations all with finger taps. Dust Tag records the creation of a tag in motion, analyzes the end product and archives it in a free and open database where artists can share their work not just in traditional 2D pictorial format. Just swipe your fingers across the screen and the application will render the thickness of line according to speed (the slower, the thicker), 3D imagery according to time and pinching will allow zooming. Artists can also download the open source Graffiti Analysis program to save, share and download tags to check out their creation processes on the computer. Add a creative touch to your iPhone and start tagging-- just a few taps away.