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Fresh Celeb: Ke$ha - Supra Gold/Silver Skytops

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Undeniably, 2009 was a good year for Lady Gaga. However, after 12 months of putting on a Poker Face and running around chanting "RahRahRah", the ever volatile music listeners are now looking for something shiny, something new, something exciting. For those who appreciated the fussy-free dance beats, in comes Ke$sha to the rescue. Some might not know, while electro-hop's latest darling is dancing her way to the charts belting out the unapologetic trashy anthem "Tik Tok" and singing about brushing teeth with a bottle of Jack, this very same smash single already sold 610,000 copies, significantly more than Mademoiselle Gaga's "Just Dance" which capped at 419,000 copies. As such, it's not a far speculation that Ke$ha would become the 2010 Gaga sensation. Taking a slight turn from record sales to sense of style, while Ke$ha seemed to share Lady Gaga's disdain for pants in this picture, donning only sheer black tights, her footwear of choice is a casual flashy Gold/Silver Supra Skytop which released at the end of 2009 with much anticipation and talk. It seems like there would be no high fashion crazy Balmain shoulders or Alexander McQueen or YSL pumps for Ke$ha, but just a good ol' pair of kicks and a comfy tee that can taker her partying from day to night, and run away from the police if necessary. via: Supra Blog