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Gourmet x Pepsi - Special Edition UNO

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An unique and interesting cross promotion vehicle, a special edition UNO sneaker from footwear label Gourmet and soft-drink giant Pepsi came about when marketing firm Epiphany approached both parties with the concept.   The result, a streamlined design featuring Gourmet's signature sneaker model, the UNO. Constructed from durable 8 oz. cotton canvas in white, each was then silk-screened in high density ink around the tongue with all cap GOURMET lettering.   To be accurate, Gourmet selected the exact color (in matching Pantone color code) from Pepsi packaging.   The entire design rests on a royal blue outsole and red sockliner, also in matching Pepsi colorway.   To further accentuate this special edition, a tri-color (red, white, and blue) heel pull tab and laces.

When asked, here is what the design team at Gourmet briefly said about the concept behind the project:

Why do a shoe with Pepsi?

When the opportunity to do a collaborative shoe for Pepsi arose, we were very excited about the project.   Epiphany approached us with the idea, they had the relationship and we ran with it.   The heritage of Pepsi in the US and where we grew up in the East Coast is very nostalgic.   Seeing the Pepsi vending machines as kids and growing up in the end of glass bottles and the introduction of the 3 liter.   More importantly, Pepsi is classic American and has evolved but stayed constant all these years.   We like to think of our brand Gourmet as very similar.

How did you choose the design elements?

The design process and fabrication for this piece was clean and classic.   We utilized our signature model the UNO and applied a 8 oz. cotton canvas with a high density silk screen on the tongue.   The light weight fabric was chosen to be worn in the spring or summer.   What is better than an ice cold Pepsi on a hot summer day, the shoe complements that.   The color chosen are the exact Pantones from a Pepsi can.   We blocked the sole in the standard Pepsi navy and played with the white and red on the upper and laces.   Overall the shoe is classic with a pop; you can see the connection.