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UNDERCOVER - "SCAB" | Second Release


The latest confection from Jun Takahashi's playfully pensive label, Undercover, is the second installment of its latest collection, "SCAB". As the name conveys, the collection translates rips and tears that are fixed and patched up like scabs. Erratic cloth patches are roughly stitched together to create some sort of fashion Frankenstein. In true Undercover fashion though, the items are kept tonal for a simple, minimalist look. A generous yet delicate mix of fabrics ranging from crocheted knit panels to weaved and embroidered piping provide an intriguing mesh of textures, resulting in a slightly worn and vintage look--as if these are diligently worn and loved items passed and patched through generations of use. It is that backpack one loves dearly and keeps mending despite its slightly forlorn wear because one can't bear to part with it. The second release includes a series of hoddies in three colorways, blue, khaki and black, and a black backpack. The second installment is due to drop in Undercover stores at the end of this week on Saturday while the third is scheduled for Jan. 28. Stay tuned for more images to come! via: Jun Takahashi