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BAPE - "Crazy Color Items" | Release Information

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It's the time when winter gets slightly old and fluffy white snow flakes turn into slush, and, everyone starts to get tired of the cold. To put a little cheer into the season, it's time to stash the somber blacks and greys back in the closet and start looking at some colors. As such, BAPE returns with colors for all as a part of its January release. However, do behold-- why only wear one color when you can wear all of them? BAPE's upcoming "Crazy Color Items" patches numerous monochrome brights ranging from yellow to purple, blue to red and brown to khaki--all onto the same items-- as if in an attempt to squeeze all shades on the Pantone scale onto a single surface. The series drop comes in a variety of pieces such as hoodies, puffer jacket, wind breaker and accessories such as belt, backpack and cap.   Grab your visual dose of cheer from BAPE this coming Saturday on Jan. 9 at BAPE Stores near you!Release Date: January 9th (Saturday)