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ESPN 3D | Available In June

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3D used to be a gimmick for cringe worthy B-movies (remember My Bloody Valentine and The Final Destination?) and an added value for Pixar films, but Avatar changed the game this year, bringing more people than ever to enjoy entertainment with an additional dimension. Pushing the 3D envelope even further, Sony and various consumer electronics makers will be releasing 3D compatible televisions this summer. While most will probably hold off on trading up as when HDTV first came out on the market, media companies are already diving into the 3D market, hoping to get first dips into a new entertainment territory. ESPN is one of the first companies to confirm a release of 3D programs, and will be launching a 3D channel, ESPN 3D in June right in time for the World Cup fever. ESPN promises to show at least 85 live events on this new channel, which may come at an added cost for viewers. Bring the live action closer to home and feel the heat and excitement of live games from the comforts of your own couch with a new 3D TV and a brand new ESPN subscription-- if you are no stranger to 3D movies, you will understand how seeing Beckham bend it in all glories of height, width and depth is a life changing experience. via: NY Times