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GIVENCHY - Spring/Summer 2010 - Sneakers

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While some luxury labels aim for that very difficult to achieve level of subtlety, many aim to surprise, bemuse and of course, dazzle. Numerous luxury labels have been taking their unattainable designs (perhaps sometimes both in terms of price and aesthetics) down a notch, looking to more urban influences, and one of the looks they have chosen to hop on is the athletic sneaker group. Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Gucci...have all turned to urban icons (Louis Vuitton to Kanye West, Gucci to Mark Ronson) to pick their brains and sartorial sense for kicks. French luxury house, Givenchy, has also joined in the game and created several sneakers for Spring/Summer 2010. Givenchy is never one to shy away from opulence and extravagance even if the label seems to aim for deconstructionism and minimalism at times, and it continues to do the same for the sneakers. Last season, the label created bondage boots for an interesting futuristic look one would associate with progressive Japanese labels such as Undercover and Comme des Garcons, and this season, the same vibe returns to the sneakers. The sneakers are crafted from monotone leather (an attention grabbing reflective gold, and your basic black and white) and cut out at sides of the heel, giving the shoes a slight traditional Asian footwear vibe (redolent of slippers worn by monks). The kicks are rather uncompromising and only comes in a low-top and ultra hi-top, with the hi-top getting futuristic strappy. The black and white low-top version provide a great alternative for those seeking to keep things simple yet different. Givenchy aptly puts a high fashion edge into sportswear with its venture into sneakers, and at the same time establishes itself as a worthy player of the game. images via: HS