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Loopwheeler - Deer Hoodie | Release Information

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Just dropped today as the first release of 201o from Loopwheeler is a new version of the beloved Deer Hoodie. Last year, Loopwheeler adopted deerskin onto Loopwheeler spun ultra-soft fleece hoodies as parts of the pocket. This year, Loopwheeler played with variation and adapted the deerskin patches onto a zip-up chest pocket, elbow patch, as well as pocket piping. As most would already know from Nike's high profile collaboration with Loopwheeler for Fall/Winter 2009 on the AW77 hoodie, Loopwheeler is known for creating extremely soft fleece that are spun from special Loopwheeler looms. The interesting hoodie (deerskin is most commonly seen on moccasins and not as widespread as cowhide/calfskin) comes in three colorways, navy and grey with contrasting drawstrings (navy, orange or red) and deerskin patches (tan or pale yellow). The touch of leather adds a tough edge to the snug hoodie, making the hoodie a subtle statement piece rather than a layering item it has been known for. Give your hoodie an update but take a break from cheesy graphics with a simple number that will last through washes and seasons. via: Loopwheeler