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APPLEBUM x Wu-Tang Brand x New Era - Shaolin New Era 59 Fitted Cap | Preview

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Last year, Japan's APPLEBUM started a surprisingly superb collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan's clothing line, the Wu-Tang Brand. As a part of their last release for November 2009, the duo came out with the Shaolin Wu Knit Cap, putting a simple "Shaolin" text logo across the roll-up portion of the beanie, referencing one of the best known Buddhist monastery in the world related to martial arts. This year, Strictly Fitted previews another item from the collaboration, a Shaolin New Era 59 Fitted Cap and a documentation of its conceptualization. The cap's design is conceived at Holiday Inn Midtown on 57th Street, not on a napkin, but on the hotel's memo pad. The brief sketch has now realized into an actual cap of an opulent metallic black satin base with gold embroidery of "Shaolin" as well as the Wu-Tang Brand logo on the front, and both the APPLEBUM and WU TANG logo on the back. The inside of the cap is lined with a silky printed fabric of graphics mimicking old world maps of Shaolin and Manhattan. The caps are due to drop on Jan. 15 online at APPLEBUM Store and Amazing Store. via: Strictly Fitted

Release Date: January 15th (Friday)