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Instead of opting for the regular athletic sneaker collaboration and putting new two cents onto BAPE's popular canvas, the BAPE STA, BAPE and rapper m-flo's jewelry label, AMBUSH, has decided to create an absolutely new, unprecedented footwear called the CREEP STA for their collaborative capsule collection. The "BAPE Is AMBUSHed" madcap collection had just been unleashed onto the world on Jan. 2, and m-flo had also just received his pair of CREEP STA. The CREEP STA is a fun and gloriously tacky take on the iconic Creeper shoes favored by punks and goths alike. Rather than the plaid and black leather we are used to seeing, AMBUSH and BAPE adopted an insane mix of colors for the kicks, crafting the Creeper shoes from brightly colored suede (think electric blue, monster green, bloody red and regal purple) and remixing these colors all into one shoe. While the traditional Creeper sits a top a lofty and often heavy sole, the CREEP STA retains the comfort factor of sneakers and adopts the regular rubber soles as seen on BAPE STAs. Go color crazy with the Crazy or stay slightly more mellow with the monochrome numbers. These are now available for purchase at BAPE Stores along side the rest of the collection, so check out pictures of the m-flo's CREEP STA and the rest of the items. via: m-flo