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Johnny Cupcakes x Looney Tunes - Valentine's Day Tee

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Johnny Cupcakes may be masquerading around as a bakery, but it doesn't mean that its products are not just as sweet as that triple chocolate cupcake. For the most saccharine infused holiday of the year (and we do not mean Halloween), Valentine's Day, Johnny Cupcakes has collaborated with Looney Tunes once again to create special Valentine's Day tees. To stay appropriately candied, Johnny Cupcakes selected the most romantic French skunk, Pepe Le Pew, as the star of the Valentine's Day tee. As Pepe Le Pew floats around with the cupcake's baking aroma on the front, the Looney Tunes logo lives large on the back alongside Johnny's cupcake logos. The tee is due to drop early February, so stay tuned for more release information to come. via: Johnny Cupcakes