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Wallpaper City Guide For iPhone

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The learned and well-traveled will be able to attest: there is a difference between a traveler and a tourist. While the traveler assimilates into a new culture and place with gracious ease, the tourist is slightly less elegant and often runs around wearing souvenir tees. While not everyone can attain the desirable Travel Channel level of globe-trotting, there are ways to look less like a green thumb-- first by eliminating holding a guidebook looking lost as a lamb at a busy intersection. Even though guidebooks have shrunk considerably in size, with Wallpaper's very popular City Guides (often the modern traveler's option to enjoying a wonderful time in the city without going through sometimes banal tourist attractions as suggested by Frommers) being a very portable example, Wallpaper has taken the shrinking one step further to putting its wisdom on iPhone. Wallpaper City Guide is now available on iTunes for cities such as Barcelona, London, Paris, New York, Milan, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Berlin and Los Angeles. For just $3.99, one can easily enjoy hip destinations such as the coolest bars, boutiques and bookstores to hit. Since most iPhone users are staring down at it almost 24/7, it will be easy to visually blend into the local crowd which not only ups one's sophistication factor but will also decrease one's chances of becoming a pickpocket's target. Just remember to leave your souvenir tees back in the hotel, packed neatly into your suitcase. via: Design Related