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Starbucks - New Coffee Shop Designs

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At the height of Starbucks' growth in the nineties, a new green mermaid sign was propped up everyday. Two decades and two CEOs later, Starbucks has evolved from a neighborhood coffee joint to a studied hallmark branding project; then, 2007 came about and it fell slightly out of favor as little cracks started to tarnish the economy. Now, Starbucks is looking for new footing in the world and a part of its reinvention project comes in securing a spot amongst the mom-and-pop-like neighborhood coffee joints it once was a part of. For residents of more artist and diverse neighborhoods, a Starbucks opening becomes an omen that their community is turning yuppie. In order to quell the suspicion and weariness towards corporate conglomerates steaming the residents' milk and changing the atmospheric landscape of their community, Starbucks has decided to blend into its setting with redesigns. Under the leadership of Starbucks President of Global Development, Arthur Rubinfeld, the coffee giant sets out to revamp new stores that veer far and away from its cookie-cutter clutter of green and maroon splattered interior that remained constant through more than 40 countries.

A large part of the redesign comes from shedding the iconic green mermaid and other obvious branding. For the new Starbucks location on Seattle's 15th Avenue, the company not just forwent the logo, but also the name. The new store is christened "Coffee & Tea", and its rustic appearance of sturdy hardwood furniture and eclectic blend of furniture (bright red velvety couches reminiscent of the glorious early 20th century European mercantile set heavily against large oval table dressed with many seats, calling for strangers to share a spot and conversation) makes it almost unrecognizable as a Starbucks store, but just another coffee house on the block run by generations of the same family. Other new store locations with fresh designs include Roy Street Coffee and another spot at University Village. While the results of the reinventions are to be determined, the new strategy is set to unveil itself in other locations and overseas including Europe. So, keep an eye out for new Starbucks location to hit your neighborhood, and see if you are feeling the brand new "unStarbucks" serving your fancy no-whip-fat-free-vanilla-latte-with-a-dose-of-cinnammon. via: T Magazine