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Stussy - Stussy Feature: Stussy 30th Anniversary

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As most Stussy fans are aware of by now with trickling of commemorative birthday releases such as the Retrospective Collection and a special Ricoh GR Digital III Camera, Stussy is turning 30 this year, celebrating three decades of standing strong through tides of trends and fads. Other than an extensive collection of special releases and the celebratory "XXX" marked hoodies, tees and blues, Stussy has just launched a 30th Anniversary feature which gives a brief run down of the Stussy's 30 years in business and a more detailed look into special collaborations with friends. The items covered includes a capsule line of opulent rock and punk inspired accessories created by Japanese label, Jam Home Made, and the slightly surprising partnership with camera maker, Ricoh. In the past three decades, street culture has changed tremendously as surf evolved into skate, and skate moving from boardwalk into the city, proving that it will remain an ever organic, burgeoning being, and Stussy has proved that it will be here to stay, through the past, present and into the future. Check out more detailed images and the feature at Stussy.