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Nike TPE 6453 - "Rock Victorious" - Women's Training Exhibition

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In Taiwan, working out and hitting the gym is a rather unfamiliar concept to many, and is not incorporated into the majority's lives. There has always been a misconceived stigma that equates hitting the gym with body building, especially for girls, and Nike is setting out to change that. As such, Nike TPE 6453 is revolutionizing and rebranding exercising and giving it a modern edge women in Taipei can relate to. To promote healthy living and body image, Nike TPE has starting an eclectic mix of programs free for the public to sign up and participate. These training sessions include a training club, running club and dance, all enlisting the help of seasoned professionals to help women get acquainted and closer to the concept of exercising, thus enjoying that victorious moment when one has finally outdone oneself and overcome a physical barrier.

In accordance with the training initiative, Nike TPE 6453 is also hosting "Rock Victorious", a women's training exhibition featuring images and installations of budding Taiwanese tennis star, Kai-Chen Chang, Russian tennis sensation, Maria Sharapova, Swedish track and field star Susanna Kallur (competing in hurdles), and English soccer player, Lianne Sanderson. These images depict all ladies at their moments of victory with fantastical splendor, and are pictorial evidence of their accomplishments in their area of sporting expertise. The exhibition is held in hope to inspire and motivate women to train, exercise and simply revel in the joys of physical betterment. The Nike Women's Training Programs are an ongoing project for 2010, and open to all for participation with reservations, and the exhibition is currently being held at TPE 6453 for all to enjoy. Start out 2010 anew with a new you, grab your Nike kicks and a towel, head out and start feeling better about yourself from inside out while savoring the sweetness of victory that can only be found in finishing that last mile.

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