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Terry Richardson - Terry's Diary

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Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of Terry Richardson? It seems like there is nothing more intriguing than taking a sneak peak at the brains behind those daring, provocative pictures we can't tear our eyes off and stop marveling about. Regardless of how you regard Terry Richardson, there is no doubt that this man is just fascinating. Now, the unapologetic rock star photographer who manages to fuse fashion with sexual gratification allows all to have access to the private Terry through his new online blog, Terry's Diary. The diary chronicles his photographic journey through life including shots of himself, his dog, his models-- pretty much anything in relation to and of interest to him. Terry's closet (full of his signature flannels)? Check. Terry going to yoga? Check. Terry as a fire marshal? Check! If you currently own all of Terry's coffee table books (TERRYWORLD, America...) and still can't quite get enough, now there's a new spot to get your fill and live vicariously through the man who can possibly be named the Hugh Hefner of fashion photography. Peruse and enjoy!