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Nike Sportswear - True City iPhone App

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Certain iPhone applications are handy but not quite reliable in all circumstances (yes, Google Maps), others encourage frugality (such as the free texting iPhone app) and some are nothing more than entertaining (iBeer, anyone?). The mountains of applications makes is sometimes difficult for good applications to stand out, however, Nike Sportswear has successfully fused the winning elements of some of the most popular social media tools and web applications into one, and gave it the edgy Nike Kick. The result, the Nike True City iPhone App which debuted on wed as a teaser video a few days ago.

The True City iPhone app can be seen essentially as a mixture of Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and general good taste all rolled into one. The True City app is created to provide insight into six European cities, making the hidden visible through Nike insiders and tastemakers who are on the front line of all things hip and happening in their towns. True City is not just another digital guidebook, but an organic program which evolves, grows and morphs into new characters with the help of Nike Insiders who knows their cities inside out and can update news, locations and all things relevant real time.

The iPhone applications allows true experiences of living in these European epicenters accessible to all and sheds light on what makes their cities unique. Insiders can create profiles which enable visitors to get to know them better and catch glimpses into local lives. Visitors are also invited to provide their own two cents and contribute to the application.

Aside from in-depth geo-tagging ability where one can mark out a special sneaker boutique and point out fun items to look out for, or dishes to try at a local joint, Nike Sportswear will also "make the hidden visible" to True City users by providing exclusive preview into upcoming events and product launches. All content can be shared through Facebook, creating a larger community aside from the realm of iPhone.

Just launched today, the application thus far include London, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris and are free to download through iPhone app stores. Be a traveler, not a tourist and live like the locals do with the most coveted inside scoop. Get to know the true city and be a part of something larger with the Nike True City app.