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KAWS x Pharrell Williams - Talk@Playground Interview | Video

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This is not your usual interview, pairing an inquisitive journalist with a renowned creative type. Instead, MTV's Talk@Playground pits one creative soul against another, and sets them in a candid dialogue that two people with a firm foundation of understanding for one another's work can share. Previously Talk@Playground had already gone through interesting pairings such as Black Eyed Peas' with fragment design's Hiroshi Fujiwara, Lady Gaga and Craig Lawrence.

This time around, the ever multi-talented singer/designer/producer/entrepreneur Pharrell Williams is set against OriginalFake's KAWS. The duo sat down while in Miami, FL and talked about getting up everyday and their unrequited excitement for work, the feeling of uncertainty from putting new work out there and awaiting feedback from the public, and following John Lennon's credo of only hanging out with cool people. Pharrell and KAWS' honestly casual interaction is something is rather unlikely to come from traditional interviews, so enjoy the wonderful clips and also check out the out takes from the show.