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Salvatore Ferragamo - Andy Warhol "Creation" Brogue

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Usually, Freshness doesn't cover mens dress shoes, but when we come across a special number created as a tribute and homage to the late Andy Warhol on Dazed Digital, we cannot help but share the pleasant news. One of the most renowned luxury fashion houses, Salvatore Ferragamo, has roots in crafting some of the most coveted footwear of his time. The Italian shoe designer dressed the feet of many Hollywood stars and starlets in 1920 before returning to Italy to create his eponymous company which creates unique hand-crafted footwear. Ferragamo who passed away in 1960 devoted his life to researching and producing shoes that are both aesthetically and anatomically pleasing. Aside from Hollywood starlets, one of Ferragamo's famous clients is pop art's finest Andy Warhol. The classic brown "Creation" Brogue is the only mens shoe created by Ferragamo himself, and is said to be so comfortable that Warhol often wore these in his studio for hours on end. After Warhol's death, the Ferragamo family won the auction for an original pair of "Creation" Brogue owned by Warhol which the artist had worked in, and are speckled and splattered with drops of paint and color with loving use. To honor the late Andy Warhol, the Italian label has recreated the artist's original brogue shoes in its brown leather glory with matching, slim laces for the creative dandy. The "Creation" Brogue will be available at Dover Street Market this March in 2010, so be on the look out for them!