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Before one can fully comprehend what UNDERCOVER's Jun Takahashi is doing for his Spring/Summer 2010 project, one would have to listen the story of Grace, an unidentified mysterious animal, UMA. The story of UMA doesn't just involve a mythical creature, but three passionate men who left their lives behind in search of a fantasy. These three men are Dr. Bill who spent his life studying the fabled animal, Grace; an ardent young men Asano, and his fraternity brother, Hagen. In this story, Grace is a creature that seems like a hybrid of legendary Japanese cryptid, Tsuchinoko (meaning hammerspawn) that looks like a snake with a hammer-shaped head, and a dragon. In accordance with the tale, Team Gila created "Lullaby Of The Lamb" and the full story will be uncovered in e-MOOK UNDERCOVERISM, which will be dropping on Jan. 16 at UNDERCOVER stores and colette. Alongside the publication, a messenger bag from Dr. Bill's laboratory, Light Laboratories, is gifted with purchase. The same logo created with lab instruments with a "G" in the middle for "Grace" found on the bag is also found on the eponymous collection previewed on e-MOOK UNDERCOVERISM. Get a first look and a special insight into "Grace" as well as everything going on with UNDERCOVER this season. via: Jun Takahashi