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WARPWEB x WTAPS - Hoodie and Tee | Available Now

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A new collaboration between Japanese label WTAPS and magazine, WARPWEB, results in a simple, uncluttered collaborative pack of tee and hoodie that epitomizes WTAPS' decree for function and necessity. Both items work in a basic palette of cool grey and the tee features a military inspired graphic of a skull donning a logo army cap. The tee is crafted from soft washed cotton for a faded vintage look and mixed with rayon for a softer wear. The hoodie is features a simple design of numbers in two tones and the focus of the hoodie lies in its material and craftsmanship. The cotton hoodie is specially washed to create a soft marbling effect, fully depicting WTAPS' attention to details. The items are now available for order online via: the WARPWEB STORE, so click on over for your own.