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BURKMAN BROS - Spring/Summer 2010

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As reported by WWD a mere few days ago, new opportunities are project to arise for the men's market in 2010, signaling not just the silver lining after a cloudy recession, but also a change in men's sartorial habits. Even though most guys take more consideration into what they throw on after rolling out of bed, there lies an eternal uncertainty about "How much is too much?" In an age where skinny jeans, so so tapered and fitting that they are redolent of Lindsay Lohan's favorite apparel--leggings-- have become a possibly hip dressing option for men, many are starting to wonder where the fine sense of casual masculinity in dressing went?

For all men who are hoping for something proper, comfortable and effortless stylish (without looking too much like a supercilious dandy), Doug and Ben Burkman are here to save the day and resolve all the average guy's sartorial issues with breezy, fitted pieces that exude just the right vibe and just the perfect balance of masculinity.

Doug and Ben Burkman started their career young, as their interest in dressing well (looking cuter than the other boys on the block) developed when they were mere children. However, it is really when the siblings trained as designers at GAP that plans to start their own clothing line really began to take tangible shape. Their eponymous label, Burkman Bros launched in the Spring/Summer of 2009 when men are really starting to reevaluate what they put on and everyone started revisiting and recreating American workwear and outdoor gear.

While the brothers' good taste branched from classic menswear pieces such as reliable button downs and a nicely tailored trousers, they keep their collection fresh with deft updates that are not too far flung, adhering to their own design decree--never make something they wouldn't wear.

For Spring/Summer 2010, the duo takes their fresh breeze of design inspiration from Asia and thought about the "American in Penang". The brothers had once traveled to Penang and turned their experiences in the tropical Southeast Asian city lines with swaying balm trees, sandy beaches and bustling hawkers into something wearable. Their new collection keeps the traveling man comfortable and well ventilated in the sweltering summer heat. Colorful, lightweight madras button downs hand-loomed in southern India can be thrown on crinkled in just the right way, keeping the traveler blithe and cool. Topped with oxford-lined shorts in just the perfect shade of wash, the man on the move will barely feel the shorts existence and never let discomfort get in the way of his day. Other items include striped polos, vintage Asian-inspired oxfords (navy with a jungle tiger critter prints), brightly colored beach shorts with fun embroidery details and interesting patterned ties create an collection full of thoughtful, subtle details.

It is difficult to find summer clothing that will keep one both physically and aesthetically pleased, but Burkman Bros. has managed to perfect their tropical-happy collection, as if reading minds of men out there who are tired of breaking in slim-fitted raw denim in summer and pulling vests over even slimmer button downs. As winter will soon come to an end and spring is fast upon us, keep the Burkman brothers in mind when updating your wardrobe.