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ROCKWELL - New Tee Release | Available Now

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Swirly flexible limbs, sometimes female, sometimes male, sometimes ambiguous; sometimes scantily clad, sometimes dressed as a fruit, but always open to multiple interpretations and full of fantastical humor-- just the way Dutch artist Parra likes his iconic caricatures of look like. His work and tees are sometimes insightful, and sometimes they just thrive on the funny surface value with no deeper meaning than   a desire to entertain. Nevertheless, his work is always eye-catching and invites pondering and a nod of understanding approval. Now available at Chicago's St. Alfred are new designs from Parra's ROCKWELL clothing that perhaps depict Parra's state of mind (no to boots, yes to tassel loafers) or simply, tries to bend the viewer's mind in its usual colorful, dream-like manner. Graphics aside, unlike other graphic tees out there, Parra doesn't just adopt an existing silhouette from American Apparel, but has his tees specially cut and fitted to fall just perfectly on the wearer. St. Alfred
1531 North Milwaukee Avenue | Map
Chicago, IL 60622
TEL #: (773)486-7159