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adidas Originals - Spring/Summer 2010 - A.039

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While the concept of adidas Originals was to bring back the classics and give casual sportswear a cool funky retro touch while staying contemporary and relevant, the overwhelmingly popular adidas line has become so highly evolved that it has branched out into different aesthetics, styles, also with help from numerous high profile collaborators such as New York City's own Jeremy Scott and Kazuki Kuraishi from Japan. Of course, the label has also tapped into the largest sci-fi fan base for 2010 with a much reported, extremely anticipated and recently dropped collaboration with Star Wars.

Now, looking back into the adidas Originals roots, another highlight for the label this season is a brand new A.039 line. As most would likely be puzzled by the naming of the new line-up, the enlightening answer is that A.039 is an internal code within adidas for adidas Originals blue. As such, the new line plays and twists Original blue into a whole collection of outfits that equip its wearer from head to toe in basics with a blue twits. A geometric crewneck sweater with stacked triangles of different shades of blue is paired with basic, can-do-no-wrong khakis, capped off with tonal high top navy sneakers. A powder blue bomber jacket gives all that great spring-appropriate pastel shade which is ever so flattering under the sun.

The aesthetics of the line remain simple and contemporary without blatant branding or courageously jutting graphics that fans of Jeremy Scott would so embrace. A solid collection that is easy to wear for all, the line is differentiated from the rest of the adidas Originals products with its special "A.039" label. Look out for them at your closest adidas Originals store in the coming months and get your little dose of Original blue. via: HS