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Introducing Freshness LIVE!

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Today we bring to our readers a new platform that will allow us to deliver news like never before - introducing Freshness LIVE! Gone are the days when we were limited to posting updates only after each event, our Freshness LIVE! Mobile Blogging system allows us to cover stories in real-time, giving you direct access to to each event, as it happens.

With the insurgence of mobile technology in the last several years, our reporters are now equipped with devices that will help us post exclusive photos to Freshness.

"I've been developing this with our programmers for several months now, the idea is to bring news instantly to our readers. Since my partner and I and the rest of the team have smart phones why not take advantage of it." - Dan Hwang, Co-Founder of Freshness

This mobile blogging technology embodies the true spirit of Freshness and we are ecstatic! As we work tirelessly to bring you the latest news in street culture and beyond, we will continue to innovate and strive toward a site that can live up to its name. Keep it Fresh!