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JANSPORT - Fall 2010 - Urban Framework Collection

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This is JANSPORT, but it isn't that fraying canvas number with sharpie tags scarred eternally with punctured holes from pins you totted around in high school. In the past few seasons, JANSPORT has successfully revamped its image not buy creating something entirely new, but by reviving archival classics. As such, its heritage series which journeyed all the way back to 1967 had garnered attention around the world.

Keeping up with the success of the heritage series, JANSPORT, has just unveiled a brand new Urban Framework Collection for Fall 2010 at (capsule). The new Urban Framework Collection essentially reworks classic heritage models from the 60s, 70s and 80s with contemporary design details and fabric. Keeping the new collection streamlined, urban and simple, the collection is crafted with black poly denim fabric coated with TPE for extra strength and durability. Instead of embroidered fabric logos, the new line of packs stand tough with the classic JANSPORT logo done up in a sturdy brass plate. The zippers and other hardware details are kept matching in the same brass shades. An new defining Urban Frameworks logo patch featuring city names and Mountain Kilimanjaro stamps all pieces in this collection.

Some interesting models to look out for in the collection includes the Framepacks (both large and small) which, other than a roomy compartment, also comes with removable frames to stay versatile for all your travel needs. Other revived classics include the Ski N' Hike from 1969, the coolest Kegger pack designed for all your trail hikes and exploration needs introduced in the 70s, a bike compatible Swinger in 1989 (throw it over handlebars or sling it with nonchalant ease over your shoulders), and last but not least, the basic, can-do-no-wrong Right Pack.

With this collection, JANSPORT has once again successfully pushed the envelop and boundaries of design with a innovative revival of classics  that also meet the needs of the contemporary man. Excited? Keep an eye out for the Urban Frameworks Collection this coming fall.