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BLENDS x Ralph Lauren RRL - Limited Edition Black Selvage Denim | Release Information

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BLENDS, the designated retailer of cool in California, is drawing the consumer's attention back to basic, good ol' American production in the age where it seems like everything is outsourced and made in China. As a part of the retailer's Blends Made In USA project, the retailer teamed up with RRL from the quintessential American fashion house, Ralph Lauren, to create a pair of limited edition, ultra-luxe, super tough selvage denim.

While images of upper-crust, Ivy League fraternity boys frolicking in critter khakis, bright polo shirts with disheveled curls tucked non-nonchalantly under faded baseball caps often leap into mind at the mention of Ralph Lauren, the label's RRL line is far from the preppy cry. RRL is the rugged, western flick, cowboy-inspired line that seems to suit the Malboro man more than the Harvard rower. Brazenly charming, the line carries vintage flannel shirts that are decidedly wrinkled and an array of cowboy boots for every occasion. The focal point of the label lies in their sartorial tapestry of distressed, deliberately stained and artfully tattered, worn-in jeans in a kaleidoscope of washes.

Although RRL is known for their masculine, shaggy denim, the collaboration with BLENDS brings a new definition of clean, urban edge to denim. These extremely limited black selvage slim-fit denim are crafted from sturdy, rigid selvage denim sourced from Japan's famed denim locale of Okayama, then manufactured in Polo's US manufacturing facility. The jeans may be clean, dark, seductive and fitted slim as of other urban denim creations, but the RRL touch lies in the selvage which was selected in redolence of the vintage American biker style. Added vintage details such as the use of five different threads and hidden rivets in back pockets further pushes the RRL agenda for American style.

The limited edition selvage denim release this coming Saturday on Jan. 23 will kick of BLENDS' Made In USA campaign, bringing pride and attention back to American workers and production. The denim are individually numbered and comes in a run of 50, so if you are hoping to cope a pair, drop by BLENDS, or get in touch with the BLENDS crew via: phone or email.

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Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel#: 213 626 6607

Release Date: January 23rd (Saturday)