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adidas Originals - Augmented Reality Experience Pack

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Your shoes are important because they protect you on your travels and explorations in the world. They help you walk that extra mile and keep you warm when it's cold outside. Now imagine, what if your shoes can do more-- more than taking your on your journey in the outside world. What if, your shoes can unlock another dimension and take you into a whole new world all within the comforts of your own home? Think it is nothing more than a reverie? adidas Originals will prove you wrong and change your perception about the function and definition of shoes this year with its latest adidas Originals Augmented Reality Experience campaign.

As previously reported, the adidas Originals Augmented Reality (AR) Experience is an interactive digital world featuring a 3D adidas Originals Neighborhood which unfolds as one holds the adidas Originals AR shoe up to the webcam and let the computer recognize the AR code on the shoe tongue. The Neighborhood will then extend from the real shoe on screen and celebrities friends of the label will greet and introduce consumers to the new experience.

Aside from being the key to the Trefoil world, the shoe also acts as a controller from which consumers will be able to play interactive games and explore the neighborhood. All games from campaign will reference a cultural or product element of adidas Original's Spring/Summer 2010 campaign. On that note, one element not to be missed is the adidas Originals x Star Wars collaboration. As such, the first experience to launch on Feb. 9 caters specifically to the Star Wars collection and the game allows fans to fire blue paint ballons at Stormtroopers around the Neighborhood.

So far, the AR pack products include five iconic adidas Originals sneakers, the Superstar, Stan Smith, Forum, Nizza and Samba. The shoes come in five easy to wear monochrome colorways--red for the Forum, black for Stan Smith, electric yellow for Nizza, bright blue for Superstar and grey for Samba. All are tonal and clean without being dull and would not only instantly amp up your outfit but also your life with AR functions. Aside from shoes, two pieces of apparel will also be embedded with AR codes.

While the pack will be available this month (and in mid-February stateside), for those who would like a taste of the experience, adidas Originals will release a printable code on the AR Neighborhood website on Feb. 9. Check out your closest adidas Originals stores and get the full availability list online.

As for what's to come next for adidas Original's mind-blowing, innovative campaign-- the label will be launching a skateboarding-themed game in March and a music-themed DJ game in April. Gamers will be able to collect "trophies" from games and win larger prizes. Also, an iPhone application is also in store for the later part of 2010.

With this much going on at the Trefoil Neighborhood, it seems like it's time to stow away that wii nunchuck to make space for the Superstar.