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Lad Musician x Fender - Spring/Summer 2010 - Tee Collection

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Sometimes, collaborations surprise because two seemingly disparate elements from vastly different industries merge, and by experience, these are usually the most successful ones. However, sometimes collaborations that seem to make a lot of sense can still carry that element of surprise and bring consumers a fresh perspective. Lad Musician builds its label, as its name well suggests, around music. And when the label collaborates with American music instrument maker, Fender, to create a line of tees, the concept doesn't seem all that far-fetched.

However, take a look at the tees and it's evident that the collaboration brings a refreshing vibe to Fender, who is known for their famed and coveted presence both on stage and off. For musicians rocking Fender electric guitars with amps turned up to rock the world, studs, leather, tight, unforgiving fitted numbers and dramatic biker/punk looks often come to mind. This collection of tees however is more so a sartorial representation of the acoustic crooner than a high, sweating rock star.

Tees in gentle, natural colorways are washed soft and faded. Navy, whites, cream, olive and khakis are ruling shades of the collaboration. The tees drape smoothly over the body and exudes an inviting vibe that incites an urge to touch. The Big T-Shirt plays with volume with oversize sleeves that create an interesting silhouette against other more fitted numbers. For all tees, Fender's logo stamps the front in affirmation. Who says rocking out is all about how much leather you pile on and how shredded and tapered your ragged denim are? The collection is now available for order online via: Lad Musician.