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Marc by Marc Jacobs x Mark Titchner - Spring/Summer 2010 - Not Them Only Us Tee

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Designer extraordinaire, Marc Jacobs, is not only known in the industry for his coveted runway show invites, reputably hopping after-parties but also for his oddball, sometimes sarcastic sense of humor. Thus, it is not difficult to see why the designer who named one of his collections Stinky Rat would bode well with London-based artist, Mark Titchner. Both men share a blunt inquisitive perspective to things that define the world and do often react against and comment upon them with a good sense of humor. This season, Marc Jacobs had enlisted the help of Titchner to contribute graphics to a Spring/Summer 2010 tee for Marc by Marc Jacobs.

A veteran of London's esteemed Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design and nominee for the 2006 Turner Prize, Titcher is famed for reworking found text to explore the tension of belief systems that shape society. His work often involves digitally scripting texts found from song lyrics, corporate seeds, political manifestos and even philosophical treatises and presenting them in a new light that invites his viewers to "step inside and interact with".

His collaborative tee with Marc Jacobs features a blue and yellow graphic font of "No Them Only Us". The tagline is a manifesto often used in political speeches and activist rallies. The strong statement is reworked and set against a highlighted background redolent of a urban landscape at night, thus giving the words a more romanticized vibe. The tee is now available online at mywardrobe for order if you are feeling Titchner's work.