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OBEY - Limited Edition Eye Alert Prints | Available Now

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Freshly minted from Shepard Fairey's OBEY is a series of new limited edition Eye Alert prints. This set of prints are set in OBEY's signature red, black and white, featuring a woman staring directly at and through the viewer with an arched brow. Fairey also played with motifs suck as a skull in her pupil and a dollar sign worked from a medical caduceus enveloped in a single tear. The logos of OBEY frame the print on two corners. This series come in two colorways, red and cream, and when both are put together side by side, they piece together to form a complete face. Sadly, the red version is already sold out. Each print comes in a run of 350 and is signed and numbered by Fairey. If this tickles your art fancy, you can order the cream version through OBEY.